16 Ways of effective phone call conversation

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Phone calls are widely used mode of communication apart from messages, mails; fax etc. talking on a phone actually helps both the patients to understand the expressions, intentions of each other behind the speech. The voice modulation and the pitch to help in understanding the mood of communication. An effective phone call makes the whole process of communication successful. Some tips need to be kept in mind to make the process of making phone call effective:

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#1. Prepare for a phone call:

The person making the call should prepare before hand on the topic it needs to discuss, the flow of conversation, the structure that needs to be followed. The person should also try to settle in a quiet and comfortable environment to avoid any sorts of distractions. In case of a business call some notes should be prepared beforehand mentioning the facts and the details of the entire process.

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#2. Use professional greetings:

The person making the call should use professional greetings like Hello, good morning/good afternoon/good evening to address the receiver.

#3. Giving introduction:

The person making the call should give proper introduction, designation and the company’s name.

#4. Voice should be clear:

The voice should be bold and clear so that the other person is able to effectively get the required information. The pace of the speech should be low to medium.

#5. Keep pen and paper handy:

Always have a pen and a paper handy to note down any point that may be required later on. Thus proper recording of the important issues avoids any confusion later on.

#6. Putting call on hold:

If you wish to put the call on hold due to some distractions or other incoming call then pre inform the person regarding your action. And thank him afterwards for being on line.

#7. Show politeness in the speech:

Always use please and thak you whenever you receive any help or information. Try to use words like would, could, may, please to stress politeness.

#8. Repeat importance piece of information:

Try to repeat important pieces of information like name, telephone number or any important data that the person asks. This helps to ensure that the important information reaches the other end.

#9. Summarize the important points:

Try to summarize or make concise the points of conversation and stress on the responsibilities.

#10. Express the gratitude:

Always thank the potential client for allowing few moments from his busy day for the call.

#11. Leaving a message:

If someone is not available to take the call there are two ways to leave the message— recording in the voice mail or asking someone to write the details. In both the cases it is necessary to clearly mention the name, purpose of making the call and the number on which call is to be made.

#12. Practice date and time:

Try to practice memorizing dates and time as they may create confusion when using them on the phone. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification, repetition or slow down.

#13. Show you are listening:

Try to show your interest in the conversation by using the phrases like right, yes, ok, yeah etc. these filler words need to be used for the other persons to deduce t5aht you are taking interest in the subject. This lends effectiveness to the phone call.

#14. Handle nervousness effectively:

If you feel nervous or uncomfortable during the course of call, take a break and try to visualize the conversation in your mind and take a few deep breaths before continuing the conversation.

#15. Know the timeline:

Try to make an estimate of the length of the conversation depending on the topics and areas to be discussed. Try to adhere to thye time limit so that the other party does not start losing interest in the conversation due to the extended call.

#16. Closing the call:

The call should be ended with a pleasant note of thanks to the person. Another appointment for the next call should be fixed if required.

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Thus by following above mentioned simple rules an effective phone call can be made. To practice and to learn English online join WizMantr’a best Online speaking classes.

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