Patna is the capital city of Bihar which lies in the eastern part of India. The city is situated on the bank of the Ganga River. The glorious history of Patna starts from the earliest dawn of civilization. Its original name was Patliputra. In ancient India, Patliputra was the seat of power of the great Mauryan Empire and the nerve centre of the whole Indian sub-continent. It attracted merchants and travellers from all over the world. Greek ambassador Megasthenes and Chinese traveller Fahien were two such travellers.

The city is famous for its historical structures and religious sites. The tenth Sikh Guru was born in Patna in 1666. Patna is visited by a large number of tourists from all over the world throughout the year. Around 2.5 million tourists visit Patna every year. In the days of the British Raj, the iconic Patna College was hailed as the ‘Oxford of the East’.

Job Opportunities in Patna:

Patna fall in the Tier-2 category cities of India. It has its own modern airport and one of India’s busiest railway stations, zoological garden, cricket stadium and university. Its roads are clean and wide studded with flyovers.The time is not very far that Patna will be on the list of Tier-1 category cities in the near future.

The city has undergone a big transformation. Today, it offers diverse job opportunities for skilled graduates and all other professionals. It has potential to grow into a world-class city like Hyderabad or Bangaluru. Numerous planned townships are underway. Multiplexes, cinepolis, retail outlets and major food chains are part of Patna’s lifestyle now.
In the education sector, educational campuses like IIT, BIT, AIMS, NIIT, NEFT, National Law University are present. In the healthcare sector, hospitals groups like Medanta city, Apolo and AIIMS are also present. In hotels and hospitality sector, it has Five-star hotels like Hotel Maurya and Patliputra Exotica. The Taj Group is opening its own hotel very shortly.

The State Investment Promotion Board (SIPB) has cleared many new proposals. TCS, a multi-national company, is starting office and a big Data Center in Patna. Government is very keen & serious about inviting big MNCs by providing facilities. Under the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s flagship Smart City Project, Patna city has been nominated in the third list of Smart Cities along with other state capital cities of India.

Significance of English Speaking:

A lot of students come to Patna to pursue college and university-level education. Similarly, a lot of career-oriented young graduates come in search of employment. If you are a college student or a job-aspirant, English language proficiency will always be an added advantage for you. Otherwise, being weak in English will stop you from achieving your dreams. It may even lower your confidence level.

In the present market scenario, candidates with better English communication skills are preferred. It is not simply because English-speaking candidates are preferred to Hindi-speaking candidates. The truth why English-speaking candidates are preferred is because English is accepted as the standard medium instruction in universities and day-to-day business transaction in the corporate world.

In a global business environment where one has to deal with domestic as well as international clients, English is a must for any employee to start a successful career. Employers look for long-term benefits from a job-candidate.

Demand for English Communication skill in the market

If you know how to communicate in English, you can leave a long-lasting impression on the interviewer and you can also end up getting your dream job with ease. Every business or job requires professionals who have good command over the English language, both written and verbal. In this global era, major Indian companies and MNCs with thousands of employees maintain constant business ties with countries like USA, Canada, Australia or other Western countries, whose native language is English. In case you get an opportunity to go abroad for higher studies or for the official trip and you have a good command over English, you will never feel hesitant to explore the other parts of the world. Learning this international language can open the doors to enormous opportunities for you.

In order to keep the business relationship with these English-speaking countries, it is very important to communicate freely and clearly in English with the English-speaking people. It is here where the role of having proficiency in the English language comes into play. If you are confident enough communicating in English, it becomes very easy for you to convey your message effectively. English speaking and writing skills also help you to build a good rapport with the clients and colleagues.

If you think English communication skill is one of the weakest areas in your life, don’t worry we have the perfect solution for you! Just join our English learning centre  to sharpen your English communication skills from our top-notch language experts! And let your dreams come true with a brighter and secure career.

Why join WizMantra English Speaking Courses in Patna?

  • Quality education and training: The best thing about joining us is you can learn better English through updated, latest and simple techniques within a short period. We are determinant to provide quality training to each and every student. Keeping this in mind we have built our curriculum in such a way that everything gets covered in one course. Our priority is to create a smooth path for everyone when it comes to learning English. This is guaranteed that even if you walk in as a beginner, you are going to walk out like a pro.
  • Experienced and expert teachers: The best thing for you is you will not waste your money, time and effort. In short, you are in safe hands because you will be taught by experienced and expert teachers.
  • Live Online Classes: We understand that you want to learn English and add this language to your skill set, but sometimes it gets very difficult to attend regular classes. Many of us have to manage the classes and other commitments together at the same time. In these types of scenarios, students tend to miss the classes because they can’t travel a long way to the coaching institute. So we have come up with this idea of live online classes which can also be recorded for future reference. This not only saves time but also provides comfort to the students to learn the English language with ease.
  • Availability of course material: Another benefit for you is you will have full access to study materials of the course in the form of CDs and books. And you can stay engaged in practice anywhere and at any time. The study material provides a comprehensive content to enhance your learning. We all know that self-study is very important if you want to learn a new skill. So it is the best practice to go through study material provided by the institute as it helps you to never get out of touch, what you have learned in the classroom. In this way, you can revise all the things (anytime and anywhere), which you have been taught by the instructor in the training centre.
  • Video and Audio modes of training: This form of training will help you learn and understand faster.
  • It has been founded in many studies that you can grasp more if you learn using audio and video formats together. Our brain tends to store visual elements for a longer period of time. That’s why our institute provides both video and audio modes of training.
  • Certificate: You will get a certificate once you complete this course. This certificate will not just be a piece of paper, but this will be a proof that you have gained the knowledge of communication (in English) not just in theory but you can also apply this skill practically whenever required. You can flaunt

Are you interested in taking up English learning course in Patna? If yes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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