Situational Conversation

Vocabulary to be used while describing your organization

An organization is a unique set of people structured and managed to pursue the same goal. Words describing your organization, or its values not only showcase your confidence but also sum up what an organization believes in and practices. Therefore, as an employee, you should know enough about the organization so that you can describe it with good communication when asked to do so.How to describe your organization in English

Let us go through a situational conversation that will give you an idea about how to describe your organization.

You (Prateek) are going back to your home after office, and on the way, you meet one of your college friends. She (Sonam) asks you about your work and the organization.

Conversation Sample

Sonam: Hello Prateek. How are you?
Prateek: Hello Sonam. I am great. How are you? It’s been a long time since we met.
Sonam: I am also good. Yeah, I’m a bit these days working on a project.
Prateek: Okay that’s good. How are your studies going on?
Sonam: It’s going well. What are you doing these days?
Prateek: I’m working with an XYZ company. It’s a digital marketing company, where products and services are promoted through online, video, and email marketing.
Sonam: Sounds great. How long have you been working there?
Prateek: It’s been one year since I started working with them.
Sonam: How is the company?
Prateek: It’s an MNC (multinational company) that has business in many countries. It is a highly capitalized company.
Sonam: That’s great. What kind of track-record it has?
Prateek: Actually, it’s a result-oriented organization that always gives good results to the clients.
Sonam: How about the work environment in your company?
Prateek: We work in a team and ensure good results. We support each other while working and help solve problems together.
Sonam: Good to hear that you’re working in an organization that maintains a great culture and ethics. Will you do me a favor?
Prateek: Why not? What is it about?
Sonam: I was looking for an internship. If you happen to know of any vacancy in your company, please let me know about it.
Prateek: Right now, I don’t have any idea about it. But, I will contact my HR team and inform you if there is any.
Sonam: Okay, thank you.
Prateek: Welcome, I need to go now. See you soon.
Sonam: It was great talking you. Bye!

That’s how you can come to an end with an effective conversation. Describing something in the right vocabulary is not an easy task, and for that, we need to have good communication skills. It’s important that you read good books, specifically stories, plays and novels, and keep on improving your skills.


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