Movies or cinema have always been famous everywhere in the world. We generally try to keep ourselves busy and entertained with the help of cinema. Most of the time we learn most of the communication through movies.

Movies have helped us in learning the skill of expressing one’s emotions which develops our communication skills. Most of us, watch English films to improve our grammar and vocabulary. While watching English movies, one can learn new words and correct his or her grammar.

Movies have always been a great subject to start a fresh conversation especially with a new person. Everybody likes to watch films; we all have our favorite ones. But, describing your favorite film to your friends in a way, in which you can make up their mind to see it too is a great experience.

For instance, you meet your friend at college canteen during interval. The conversation gets interesting as you start talking about latest releases and you start telling him or her about your recent favorite movie.

Here’s a sample for you –

Discussion between You and Riya –

You – Hey Riya, Have you seen the movie Bareilly Ki Barfi?

Riya – Not yet, but I have seen the trailers of the movie. They look impressive.

You – It is one of my favorite movies now.

Riya – That’s great. Tell me more about the movie?

You – Well, it’s a Bollywood movie directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari.

Riya – What’s the movie about?

You – It is an Indian romantic comedy film. It has a slice of life of small town people which gives it a realistic touch.

Riya: That’s interesting & who are the actors in the movie?

You – The main actors are Ayushman Khurana, Raj kumar Rao & Kriti Sanon. The movie is unexpectedly entertaining, as the cast includes struggling actors and the budget was minimum.

Riya – Who told you about the movie?

You – I saw the trailer on Youtube and read the reviews and was really excited to see it.

Riya – Who is the music director of the movie?

You – Tanishk Bagchi & Rochak Kohli

Riya – The movie sounds fun. I will watch it soon.

You – yes, you must. It’s really a good movie, complete entertainment package. It has managed to earn over 32 crore, even when it’s a low-budget movie.

Riya – Okay, share the movie with me, if you have it now with you.

You – Sure

Riya – Thank you.


Thus, you can use many words (adjectives) to describe your favorite movies. Some of the commonly used adjectives are – brilliant, wonderful, epic, beautiful, action, thrill, marvelous, comedy, romantic, and much more.

To create a deep impact and to convince someone to agree with you, you need to be confident while you communicate with them. Using correct communication tone & vocabulary play a very significant role when you are describing something. To learn how to speak English fluently, you should join a reputed online spoken English tuition.

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