How to talk at a parent-teacher meeting?

Earlier, the parent-teacher meeting was marked on the D-Day i.e. on the results day, where the teacher would speak a word or two about the student, his/her performance and that’s it. These parent-teacher meetings are nowadays regarded as a standard part of the school’s curriculum to build a mutually strong relationship between parents and teacher.

effective parent teacher meeting in English

Do not fret if you get a call or you’ve received a note from the teacher to meet you, it’s necessary these days. If your child is having any problems regarding any stuff that can be either positive or negative, parent-teacher meetings help to recuperate the way to ensure child’s success.

It is a great opportunity to:

  • Share academic as well as extra-curricular activities performance rate.
  • The overall growth of the child by accessing class tests, assessments, portfolios, and classroom observation.
  • Learn from parents/guardians about the child’s behavior, strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles.
  • Discuss strategies to support the student’s learning.
  • Discuss issues hindering the growth of the students.

How can an ideal conversation start between parents and teachers?

Teacher: Hello Mrs. Malhotra, How are you?

Mrs. Malhotra: I am fine Mam, how are you?

Teacher: I am as good as one can be.

Mrs Malhotra: How is Rajeev’s performance mam?

Teacher: Rajeev is the brightest star in our class. Friendly, caring, Intelligent and always ready to help. However, I saw his report card and he has scored low in maths whereas excelled in every other subject.

Mrs. Malhotra: He had a severe fever at the time of the Maths test, he couldn’t even complete the whole paper because of it.

Teacher: Ohh, I see. He chooses to be the captain of the class and I must say he very well deserves it. I learned that he is participating in the Science Olympiad. That’s a tough nut to crack.

Mrs. Malhotra: Thank-you for such kind words. It’s for your support and upbringing as a teacher, students are molded into brighter and better human beings. Rajeev is preparing day and night to crack the exam, I would be glad if you’ll teach him some good pointers.

Teacher: Sure, why not? He can come in anytime for help.

Mrs. Malhotra: It was nice talking to you, Mam. I should take your leave. Thanks for the hospitality.

Teacher: Anytime! Give my regards to Rajeev.

Mrs. Malhotra: Sure.

Some quick pointers:

  • Be soft-spoken while conversing and use simple English, both for the teacher and the parents.
  • Accept whatever the teacher tells about your child without any chaos.
  • Be confident and ask questions about your child and its performance in class.
  • Be punctual.
  • Ask for explanations for things you don’t understand.

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