Verbs are sometimes described as action words.Many verbs give the idea of action,of doing something. For example, words like run,flight, do and works, all convey action.
However it is only partly true. Some verbs do not give the idea of action; they give the idea of exercise,of state,of being.For example,verbs like be,exist,seen and belong,all convey state.

learn verb tense grammar

In simple terms, therefore, we can say that verbs are words that tell us what a subject does OR is;they described:

  • Action- Swati sings melodiously
  • State-  Ana seems generous

Here are some of the terms used in discussing verbs and tenses.


Indicative mood expresses a simple statement of fact which can be positive (affirmative)(or negative.A few example are given below:

  • I enjoy western classical music.
  • I do not enjoy western classical music. (Interrogative moods express a question.
  • Why do you enjoy western classical music? (Imperative mood express a command.)
  • Sit down
    Subjunctive mood expresses what is imagined or wished or possible.
  • The commander ordered that the many army launch attack.


Voice represents the relationship of the subject to the action.
In the active voice,the subject does the action (Ram hits the ball.)In the passive voice,the subject receives the action (The ball is hit by Ram.)

Among other things ,we can use voice to help us change the focus of attention.


Aspect expresses a features of the action related to time,such as completion of the action or its duration.Present simple and past simple tenses have no aspect, but if you wish we can strees so with other tenses in following manner:

  • The action or state referred to by the verb is completed (and often still relevant),for example:I have returned the book to Raman.(so now he has the book.) (This is called perfective aspect,using perfect tenses.)
  • The action or state referred to by the verb is in progress or continuing(that is,uncompleted),for example:We are reading.(This is called progressive aspect,using progressive[continuous]tenses.)



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