Importance of English in your Career

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If at all you haven’t realized yet how important it is to learn English for your career, we have a list of reasons that will help you realize the importance of English in your profession and help you stop procrastinating ( meaning: to delay until the opportunity is lost).

Proper grammar, impressive vocabulary, smart sentence making and fluency in speech are a few important elements in language that make a huge impact at work. Let’s take a look at how better command over English can help you build a better career.

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At the start of your career

You can make a big influence on your employer with an impressive CV written professionally in English. That’s the first step to get short listed. Once you are in front of the interviewer, your fluency, confidence, command, pronunciation, vocabulary and buoyancy can take you places.

When there comes the time for group discussion, you can surely steal the show with your corporate vocabulary, correct pronunciation, skill for presentation and discussion, and confidence of course, when you know it’s your strong suit.

Bagging a job gets much easier than you ever imagined, just with improving your English. Your academic qualification and industrial experience are not able to help much if you are not able to present yourself in the right manner.

From getting admission in a college of your choice and grabbing a post at campus recruitment camp to getting recruited to a multinational company or large cap inc., English has a major role to play, especially in this globalized world where the language English is considered crucial in every domain.

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 When a raise is long awaited

Do you ever wonder why despite all your efforts and struggle, your hard work is not appreciated and rewarded on time? Has it been long that you’ve been expecting a raise or promotion at work but somehow you always miss out on it and someone with broader shoulders steals it away from you?

You can straighten up your shoulders too when you gain confidence and self-esteem with learning proper English and are able to communicate with your manager.

Often, your manager or boss is not able to recognize your potential and capabilities just because you are not able to communicate with them well. Not knowing correct use of grammar, weak vocabulary and poor pronunciation are the veils on your talent and your aptitude remains hidden from your superiors and that delays your promotion at work.

This is also applicable on businessmen who are neither able to convince the buyers nor find trusting business partners and associates. Learning English can change your career in multifaceted ways.

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 In day to day life

Especially for those who are not a professional who handles corporate communication on regular basis, talking in English can be a nightmare. Despite your rich qualification and academic background, if you are not regular in speaking English, you might lose your practice and confidence.

In that case, ordering food on phone, responding to a salesman in a showroom or attending your child’s parent-teacher meeting can be too frightening and you might start trying to avoid such instances. Improve your spoken English so you are always bright and confident, regardless of whom you deal with.

Learning English

Online English learning programs and courses are a great boon to people who are not able to attend regular classes. You can improve your written and spoken English with these courses without having to attend the actual classes or travel for it. These online classes are specifically designed for grown-ups, professionals and homemakers who want to upgrade their lives.

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