A newspaper is a publication issued on the daily or weekly basis and commonly contains news, articles, and advertisements. Reading newspaper enables us to know what’s going on around the world. There are different types of news printed in a newspaper on a number of issues such as political, finance, business, sports etc. Benefits of reading an English newspaper are huge. We can not only enhance our English language skills but also add new words to our vocabulary and learn a new writing style.

vocabs while describing your favorite newspaper in English

Situation: Father is reading a newspaper and son wishes to know about it and vocabulary related to it.

The conversation between son and father:

Son: Good morning dad!
Father: Very good morning, son.
Son: What are you doing?
Father: I’m reading the newspaper.
Son: Which newspaper is this?
Father: The Times of India.
Son: Oh! What do you read in the newspaper?
Father: I’m going through the headlines (top news in extra-large fonts across the top of the front page) of the newspaper.
Son: Okay. What else is given in the newspaper?
Father: After the headlines, there’s a lead (first paragraph of a story, generally telling five W’s (what, who, where, when and why) and H (how).
Son: How do they publish news? Why is not this news (pointing to a not so important news) published in a bigger font?
Father: There are news holes (some space in a newspaper allocated to news) allocated for each news. This is broadsheet (full-size newspaper, averaging 6 columns to a page) and this space is allocated to the important news about a big issue such as railway budget or an election.
Son: Now I come to know why are big news printed here. Wow, this image is great. What is it all about?
Father: Dear son, read the caption (lines under a photograph explaining what the picture is about).
Son: Okay. What more does this newspaper have?
Father: It has everything from puzzles to Bollywood news. For instance, it has a comic strip (three or four- panel drawings that usually tell a humorous story) for kids.
Son: That’s amazing, dad. Thank you for explaining about the newspaper.
Father: You are welcome, my son. Develop a habit of reading a newspaper daily.

From this conversation, we have learned some new words used especially to describe the newspaper. We must keep on reading newspapers as they give us knowledge about the world and help us to improve your overall English communication skills.

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