You would have heard the quote ‘first impression is the last impression’ on a number of occasions. The way you meet a person, give a firm handshake with a smile and maintain an eye contact, all make up for a good first impression. Since there is no second chance to better your first impression, it’s important that you communicate in effective and fluent English with full confidence. If you feel out of words or fumble with them or use inappropriate words, you will surely tarnish your first impression.
How make fluent English Impression?
Let us look at some tips that will help you make an impressive and lasting first impression.

Tips to impress all

Essential aspects to pay attention to include:
Polite greetings:
Be polite when you greet somebody for the first time. You can use phrases, such as:
How are you?
How do you do?
It’s nice to meet you.
Speak with full confidence and don’t forget to wear a warm smile as you communicate. An information expression can also be used, such as- hi, what have you been up to, to sound more natural.

Make small talks

Now that you’ve greeted the person, it is time to break the ice with little talks. If you’re in a business meeting, you can use a phrase, such as- ‘how’s your business?’

If it’s a personal get together, you may ask the acquaintance something like, ‘so, what do you do?’ Don’t let the greeting turn into an awkward silence. You can continue talking by asking some general questions. The idea behind it is to let the other person speak while you lend your ear and be a good listener. You may continue with a question, such as:

Where do you stay?

What do you think of this ambience/music/place?

Is your family travelling with you?

Take a complimentary approach

By now, you would have known the other person, find the ways to compliment her/him. You begin with, ‘I’ve heard about your work, you are doing a great job.’

If you are in a party, you can complement other person’s sense of style, ‘That’s nice dress.’ All people love compliments as they make us feel confident about ourselves, who shouldn’t we use them for a good first impression.

End of with a kind goodbye

In case your meeting is business-oriented, make sure that your acquaintance enjoyed your company and looked up to you for a future relationship. Therefore, extend a kind goodbye. You can use the following phrases:
“It was a pleasure meeting you.”
“It was nice talking to you.”
“I am looking forward to see you soon.”
When bidding adieu, don’t forget to wear a warm smile and maintain eye contact.

The skill of speaking fluent English comes with practice. If you want to make the first impression impressive, you need to practice and grow in confidence before you meet the acquaintance. Hope these tips will help you. For developing fluent English-speaking skills, you can join our online spoken English program.

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