How to describe your favorite movie in English?

If you have just watched a movie, you would love to tell others about it. Meaning, watching English movies can be a great fun and tool to improve your communication skills. This activity helps you learn new words and improve your vocabulary. It can also be a topic to initiate a conversation.

How to describe your favorite movie?

Most of us love to watch movies, but what if you could describe a movie to your friend and convince her/him to watch it as well. Isn’t it great?

Here is a sample conversation between you and your friend sitting in a café discussing a movie.
Conversation between Riya (you) and Praful (your friend)

Riya: Hey Praful, have you seen the movie Bahubali?
Praful: Not yet, but I’ve heard a lot about that movie.
Riya: It’s one of the greatest movies Indian Cinema has ever produced.
Praful: Great! Can you tell me more about the movie?
Riya: It’s a Telugu movie dubbed in various Indian and foreign languages including English.
Praful: Who is the director of the movie?
Riya: S.S. Rajamouli.
Praful: What kind of stuff is it?
Riya: It’s an epic (long, historical drama) and has a lot of romance (love) and action (fights).
Praful: Sounds great! What about the cast (actors) and the crew of the film?
Riya: Prabhas, Tamannaah, Satya Raj, Rana Daggubati are the lead actors (main actors) while Anushka Shetty and Rohini are the supporting actors (not main roles). Nora Fatehi and Sneha Upadhyay have a guest appearance (for a short time) in the movie.
Praful: How did you get the idea of watching it?
Riya: Actually, I saw the trailer (short extract of the movie) and was amazed to see that.
Praful: By the way, who is the music director ( the person who composes the songs and background music)?
Riya: M.M. Keeravani.
Praful: Wow! Amazing. I’ll watch it as soon as possible.
Riya: Yes, you should. In fact, this movie has made more than Rs. 586 crores across the globe. It’s really a treat to watch.
Praful: Fine, od you have it with you?
Riya: Yeah, I’ll give it to you.
Praful: Thank you.

Make sure that you know how to sequence the story. Many adjectives such as beautiful, wonderful, comedy, romantic, action etc. can be used when describing your favourite movie. The level of confidence will make your friends take you seriously. Relevant vocab and effective tone of communication are important when describing anything. To enhance your English-speaking skills, you can join our online English spoken classes.


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