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Finding a perfect mentor to guide you throughout is a dainty task these days. You find a plethora of websites online and various traditional classes offline out of which choosing the right one are perplexing. With the digitalization paving a way into daily lives, developing and practicing skills ain’t rigid. A stimulator and motivator are indeed essential to hone the desired skill-set in an individual to match the industrial or other such requirements.

The Basic English Course is for the enthusiastic people opting to learn the basics of the English language. This course is crafted for people who wish to shape their already existing skills like reading, writing, listening, and speaking into a better version. Utmost care and proper attention are the key factors of WizMantra and we strive hard to achieve it.

The classes are designed as per the availability of the curious learners. After the registration process, you can avail our General English course on the online platform through the mail,  video conferencing or telephonically.

Inquisitive Students get the access to the course and can learn as and when you wish from the comfort of your home. You get individual attention from our general English tutors which aid you in learning English faster and way better than those choosing the traditional classroom approach with a tremendous number of students.

Our trainers of WizMantra are highly qualified and experienced professionals with a vision to empower education and bridge the language barriers. These general English tutors hail from the non-native places to make learning easier and simpler for the local masses to understand and interpret.

The time allocated for the general English course is 30 minutes and can be selected at any time of the day to make learning convenient and fun. These sessions are conducted from Monday to Friday and the maximum duration can be 30 hours. It depends on the individual learning’s capacity and grasping the power to absorb new concepts and ideas and memorize them without glitches or breakdowns. For such individuals, the minimum time to learn flawless English is 10 hours in a month.

Your overall and initial performance is being taken into consideration by the multi-lingual mentors from the very first day of your joining, guiding you throughout your course. The ways you perform throughout the course are closely monitored and constructive feedback is given based on your course routine.

Whether you’re looking for few basic rules to get your hindered English, be better or you’re learning English to get through your board exam with flying colours, WizMantra is the best, to begin with.

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